Atrial Fibrillation
and ischemic stroke
Undetected AF puts stroke victims at a higher likelihood for recurrent stroke and may go undetected during standard clinical work up. Ischemia Care is addressing this clinical need.
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= no cause determined
Cause of ischemic stroke is unkown in up to 40% of cases, increasing recurrence risk. Knowing cause will lead to improved outcomes and reduced costs.
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blood test for cause
of ischemic stroke leading to timely diagnosis and treatment, resulting in improved patient care and hospital cost savings.
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Clinical stage, venture backed, diagnostic laboratory company commercializing a pipeline of blood tests for cause of stroke.
40% of ischemic strokes never have cause determined. Knowing cause of stroke is critical to patient outcomes and reducing costs.
Ischemia Care's pipeline is based upon over 15 years of publications in major peer reviewed journals with sensitivity and specificty > 95%.
The BASE clinical trial will serve as a final clinical validation and increase early adoption through the company CLIA laboratory.

About BASE

BASE (NCT02014896) is a 600 subject multi site observational prospective study intended to confirm previous findings and lead to a clinically validated test.
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Our Team

Proven management team and advisors (2 IPOs, multiple exits, former Chief of Cardiology at Stanford), KOLs in the field of stroke (author of Stroke Guidelines), strategic support (Affymetrix, Medtronics), and leading stroke centers.
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News and Notes

International Stroke Conference

CEO Jeff June presented on the BASE trial as part of the "Ongoing Clinical Trials" session in Nashville, TN.

Ischemia Care to add tenth stroke center to BASE

Over 170 subjects are enrolled in BASE since December 2013

Ischemia Care closes venture round

Broadview Ventures leads Ischemia Care Series C.
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