Ischemia Care

What is ISCDX?

ISCDX is a blood test for the stratification of ischemic stroke and TIA patients by cause so that proper treatment and treatment regimens may be adopted to prevent subsequent and more massive, costly and debilitating recurrences. Adoption of treatment pathways during hospitalization for a known cause will result in better compliance and outcomes . Strokes and TIAs of unknown origin are at higher risk to have poor outcomes, including recurrence or death.

While the goal is for ISCDX to become the standard of care blood test for cause of stroke, ISCDX will most likely initially influence treatment decisions in the “cryptogenic” populations especially where the cause is determined to be cardioembolic and whether it is a result of AF.  

Ischemai Care has established a company-owned commercial lab and is planning to offer ISCDX as an LDT.

Concurrently, the company will pursue development of a point of care application.

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