BASE (Biomarkers of Acute Stroke Etiology) Clinical Trial

BASE (NCT02014896) is a 600 subject multi site observational prospective study designed to confirm previous findings and lead to a clinically validated test to stratify stroke patients by cause.

The BASE study has been active since December 2013 and is being conducted at leading stroke centers. BASE has been designed to validate the clinical use of previously identified gene expression patterns to differentiate between diverse stroke etiologies.

The primary objectives of BASE are the following:

  1. 1) Differentiate between cardioembolic and atheroembolic/large artery atherosclerotic ischemic strokes, when hemorrhagic stroke is ruled out. (Validates current ISCDX test).
  2. 2) In cases of ischemic strokes of unknown or “cryptogenic” etiology, determine the ability of biomarker blood tests to predict etiology between cardioembolic and atheroembolic strokes. (Validates current ISCDX test)
  3. 3) In cases of cardioembolic ischemic stroke, further differentiation of cardioembolic ischemic strokes into those caused by atrial fibrillation (AF) and those not caused by AF. (For use in developing future diagnostic test from ISC)
  4. 4) Differentiate “transient ischemic attacks” from “acute ischemic strokes”. (For use in developing future diagnostic test from ISC)

For more information on BASE please see NCT02014896on




Previous Clinical Data

BASE is built on over 15 years of clinical data.

This early research and Federal funding significantly reduced technical risk and provided “proof of concept data” .

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